Coach programs for Public Sector


The research says...

More than 91% of employees spend a large portion of their day frustrated by their co-worker’s dysfunctional behaviour and regularly think about quitting their jobs.
— Roxanne Emmerich, 2014
60% of employees in Australia and New Zealand are not engaged; 16% are actively disengaged.
— Gallup
The subsequent work-related stress costs Australian employers approximately AU$8 billion per year.
— Safe Work Australia
Around 70 per cent of employees are currently being bullied or have been bullied in the past.
— Australian Psychological Society

360 feedback for leaders

Our Leadership Effectiveness and Aptitude Profile (LEAP) 360° survey suite takes the guesswork out of individual professional development.

Public sector leadership is changing rapidly. Our 360 survey clients invariably find our feedback experiences deeply awareness-raising and enriching, helping them identify and acknowledge the skills they bring to the table every day (including those they might not even recognise) as well as understanding their key development needs. We have extensive experience working with staff at local, state and federal government levels.

Transforming workforce communication culture

Research shows that a safe and positive communication culture (in which positive behaviours outweigh negative ones by 5:1) has a direct effect on indicators including productivity, absenteeism, retention, staff satisfaction, complaints, compensation claims and ultimately, budgets. In a world in which governments are required to do more with less, our Class Act program is an indispensable element in transforming and developing workplace communication culture and eliminating bullying.

Leadership coaching programs

While coaching is not therapy, our clients routinely tell us that the luxury of being able to confidentially discuss and work through their most pressing challenges, the things which keep them awake at night, is not only therapeutic but leads to a dynamic change to their practices and development as a leader. Our clients may wish to work with us on strategic planning, work-life balance, managing the email inbox, the emotions and personalities of their teams, sometimes all of these issues and more will be on the boil at the same time through a multi-session coaching program.

Our coaching programs for public service leaders are tailored to the complex needs of public sector leadership today.