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Coach Pty Ltd is a high-calibre communication coaching agency working with large and small organisations in the public and private sector throughout Australia and internationally.

With a unique focus on helping organisations grow flourishing communication cultures, we bring to our clients our distinctive coaching approaches and models, workforce-wide culture solutions, and a suite of practical, highly tailored 360 feedback tools for leaders and educators—all developed on the fundamental premise we hold dear—the great communicators always own the game.

Our clients include government departments, private sector companies, not-for-profits, universities, vocational institutes, schools, health services, group training organisations and first-responder organisations.

“Coach is making a tangible difference to how we present our message today.”
— Client Testimonial

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In most organisations, the thing we talk about least is how we talk to each other.

Within around one-eightieth of a second, a threatening signal—say a condescending look or a negative retort—will travel from the limbic brain to the pre-frontal cortex: shrinking our oxygen and glucose supply, slowing our response times, making us feel foggier, more uncertain, less confident.

Repeated negative communication behaviours are the enemy of good decision-making, idea-sharing, creativity, problem-solving, listening and reasoning—all processes needed for business to flourish.

However, when team members feel safe and free from threat, their higher order executive functions thrive—maximising short-term memory, motivation, creativity, learning, planning, information processing and strategic thinking.

At Coach we recognise that productivity and business results—as well as staff wellbeing, retention and attendance—are directly proportional to the social safety provided by positive and safe communication practices in the workplace: trading on the premise that, in any market or business environment, the great communicators always own the game.

Eliminating workplace bullying takes a culture-wide approach.

In the face of a workplace bully, most of us will either avoid or align—seeking to either minimise or maximise our association with that threat in order to stay safe. Sadly, both of those strategies only give bullying more oxygen. Let us change that for you. We will show you a new way—empowering your people with higher order skills to directly, respectfully disallow unsafe communication behaviour. Equipping all of your people to talk about how they talk to each other creates positive self-responsibility and, ultimately, transforms from within the communication culture of your organisation.

“Workplace bullying costs Australia between $6 and $36 billion every year.”
— The Productivity Commission
“In Education, more than 95% of staff in schools have experienced some form of workplace bullying.”
— Duncan, 2015
“The major causes of ‘workplace incivility’ are emotional contagion (copying the poor behaviour of others), organisational change, job insecurity, job demands and low collegial support.”
— Work & Stress Journal
“Worldwide, actively disengaged workers—those who are negative and potentially hostile to their organisations—continue to outnumber engaged employees at a rate of nearly 2 to 1.”
— Gallup
“Around 70% of employees are currently being bullied or have been bullied in the past.”
— Australian Psychological Society
“More than 91% of employees spend a large portion of their day frustrated by their co-worker’s dysfunctional behaviour and regularly think about quitting their jobs.”
— Roxanne Emmerich
“In the Health sector, communication failures account for the overwhelming majority of unanticipated adverse events in patients. Research shows that the solution lies in creating a common language and creating an environment that feels safe to team members so they will speak up when they have concerns.”
— Leonard, Graham & Bonacum

It is our privilege to enjoy a network of rewarding client relationships. 


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  • Nursery Traders

  • RMIT

  • Polystyrene Recycling Queensland

  • Principals Australia Institute

  • Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council

  • Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

  • Queensland Department of Economic Development and Innovation

  • Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply

  • Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

  • Queensland Department of Health

  • Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works

  • QUT and QUT Business School

  • St John Ambulance WA and NT

  • St Mark’s Early Learning Centre

  • SITA Australia

  • Sydney Technical High School


  • Territory Families, Northern Territory

  • Toowoomba State High School

  • University of Canberra

  • University of Newcastle

  • University of Queensland

  • Wesley Mission Queensland

  • Wheelchair Sports NSW

  • Whitsunday Regional Council

  • WorkPac

  • Adventist Schools Australia

  • Aitken College

  • Australian Regional and Remote Community Services

  • Australian Greens

  • Bentleys

  • Blue Hills College

  • Brunswick Junction Primary School

  • Bundaberg Regional Council

  • Cannon Hill Anglican College

  • CASA

  • Central Gippsland Health Service

  • Central Highlands Regional Council

  • Central Queensland University

  • Chinchilla Christian College


  • Deakin University

  • Education Queensland

  • General Electric

  • Heritage Queensland

  • Holland Park State High School

  • Independent Schools Foundation Academy Hong Kong

  • John Paul College

  • Kaplan Business School

  • Manjimup Education Centre

  • Matthew Flinders Anglican College

  • Mentone Girls’ Grammar

  • Newcrest Mining

  • Ngyantjatjara College, Northern Territory

We work with a handful of select partners to redouble benefits to our clients.