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The COach House

While coaching is not therapy, many clients report that it has a therapeutic effect and this never surprises us. The luxury of spending 90 minutes with an experienced coach focussing their entire attention on the client’s issues could hardly have any other outcome.

Leadership coaching

Our approach to executive coaching helps leaders master the skills and insights that built strong, healthy, thriving organisations. We love working with leaders to explore personality and values, identify and recognise their strengths, and fuel them with strategies for growth and development.

Our coaching clients come to us to strengthen team communication approaches, steer change, plan strategically, grow business opportunities, manage their time and head-space better, succession plan, professionally develop their staff, improve their results ...

Unsurprisingly, empowering leaders to build strong communication cultures sets apart our coaching approach.

We coach leaders to foster internal and interpersonal communication capability.

We give them tools and strategies to strengthen their teams and grow a positive communication and performance culture.

We share engagement and influencing strategies that empower them to respond to change pressures.

Coach also draws upon a range of metrics and inventories, including our LEAP 360 suite, the Myers Briggs Type Assessment (MBTI), DiSC profiling and the Genos International Emotional Intelligence Leadership Surveys.

Communication coaching

Managing a difficult team member. Raising the performance of a sluggish team. Implementing a strategic plan. Juggling a gruelling workload. Shaping a new vision. Providing difficult feedback. Contending with insufficient budgets. Navigating stubborn decision-makers …

Every single business challenge you’ll ever faced can be owned with great communication strategies and skills.

Coach’s unique and well-tested communication coaching model helps thousands of clients find release from their greatest business pressures.

Our communication coaching is accessible to everyone: From seasoned leaders to aspiring professionals. Grounded in a fundamental understanding of the neuroscience of communication, our positively charged, practical coaching approaches focus on producing change that lasts … Whether your focus is on improving your public speaking confidence or dealing with disagreements for effectively.

Some clients choose to focus on a single issue over a number of sessions while others may start this way but explore a range of issues as the sessions unfold. We’re on the change journey with you.

Group coaching and facilitation

Our communication is our currency. Every item of business we ever have to transact will stand or fall on our communication abilities. So we have an unrelenting passion for working with teams to foster shared skill and commitment to high-performance communication—giving them powerful strategies for having difficult conversations, creating powerful feedback discussions, preparing for counterproductive interactions, mastering business-critical presentations, identifying and dealing with varying emotions and personalities within the team … In short, supercharging the way they do business.

We facilitate coaching workshops for groups of up to 50 people on a huge range of communication-related topics including:

  • Mindful leadership
  • Understanding self and others through personality inventories such as MBTI, DiSC or GENOS
  • Workforce engagement and change
  • HR and performance interventions
  • Cultivating social capital
  • Strategic communication planning
  • Exploring vision and values
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Writing skills training
  • Negotiating and influencing
  • Communication neuroscience
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Education leadership
  • Personal resilience
  • Personal impact
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Internal and interpersonal communication
  • Problem-solving and critical business thinking
  • Developing and editing content
  • Handling the media
  • Providing feedback and conducting performance conversations
  • Managing time and head-space
  • Career development
  • Project management


Leadership programs

Legacy Leadership

Will your organisation be better after you’ve gone? We hope so!

Coach’s Legacy Leadership program is a powerful series of coaching units for senior leaders—designed to help leaders grow their people and business to thrive long after they’ve gone.

Coach created Legacy Leadership—involving online, group and one-on-one coaching modules over a six-month period—to fit the lives of time-poor organisational leaders. We have:

  • Legacy Leadership for Education Leaders
  • Legacy Leadership for Business Executives

Client Testimonials

"Leanne has a great capacity to understand the situation and navigate a path forward. From strategy development to reactive problem solving—Leanne has helped me, my team and my business to succeed. In 15 minutes, Leanne can equip you with the necessary communication, presentation and negotiation skills to perform in even the most challenging of meetings."

A vibrant, insightful, practical communications professional! Leanne tailored expert solutions to our group's communication needs.
"Russell is able to get to the heart of the matter rapidly. Being able to talk through issues with him has been extremely helpful: his insight has been very welcome and his ability to link back to a session that took place a year earlier is amazing.  I engaged with Russell early 2016 and continue to get great value from his services. Based in the UK we use Skype or FaceTime for most of our sessions but there have been a couple of excellent face to face ones too."

Russell Scott brings extensive skills, qualifications in the education and vocational sectors to his coaching and mentoring roles. In my coaching sessions with him, I could see he is an astute observer and an active listener. He also possesses the rare capacity to apply highly effective judgement and provide guidance, while maintaining appropriate empathy - all at the same time!