The Communication FIx

Hire a communication tactician for your organisation.

Organisational communication is complex—mastering communication channels, processes, messages and patterns requires dedicated expertise.

Through The Communication Fix, Coach offers communicating, content, messaging and relationship-building strategies.

The Communication Fix provides service packages ranging from short one-week consulting to intensive or interval support over six months. Some clients use us periodically as a ‘fixer’ to work through sensitive or complex internal, external or media messages.

The Communication Fix services include:

  • writing, content development and communication strategy design
  • consulting to successfully travel messages and initiatives internally and externally
  • coaching to build internal communication culture and capability.

For example, we.

  • work with client teams to guide their communication planning on strategic projects
  • help clients develop skills and strategies to strengthen team communication
  • steer teams through complex writing and content development projects
  • deliver copywriting and organisational messaging services.

Client Testimonials

"Leanne helped us understand our business drivers, set priorities and, moreover, build an internal communication environment that will allow us to get the work done. Feedback has been great. We really valued the opportunity to look at how we communicate—and what gets in the way of how we communicate. She is a real mover and shaker and a truly inspirational person."

Coach is making a tangible difference to how we present our message today.
"Coach is making a tangible difference to how we present our message today."

For the OD team to have selected high calibre consultants, such as Glenys and Leanne, and to take the time to listen to our feedback and for our organisation to invest in this level of training and resources to enable us to develop our leadership potential is a fantastic privilege!