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Our LEAP 360° survey suite takes the guesswork out of individual professional development.



Mapped to contemporary leadership standards, the LEAP 360° survey process develops leadership skill and confidence—across current-day people and business management capabilities—taking account of current peer, supervisor and staff perceptions. Then, working with our skilled coaches, candidates target meaningful, practical professional development.

Our 360° clients consistently praise their positive, inspiring, development-rich feedback experience—and our core development focus on communication practice to achieve greater leadership might

The LEAP 360° package covers full facilitation and delivery of the survey from pre-briefing, survey administration, detailed result reports, skilled face-to-face coaching debriefs that include interpreting and analysing feedback, coaching and mentoring candidates, and co-developing individual development plans.

Coach's 360° suite is unique in the sector, providing:

  • dedicated responsive support for each candidate

  • a quick and easy survey for respondents to complete (taking only 10 minutes)

  • a sophisticated, secure and efficient survey platform

  • item-sets meaningfully mapped to national leadership standards, with a practical focus

  • an individual feedback session on completion that is packed with empowering, results-focused coaching

  • a clear and comprehensive report presenting results and benchmarked against four years of cumulative leadership data

Coach’s agile 360° survey suite provides a range of advanced customisation survey and reporting features including:

  • customised surveys on demand

  • cohort reports for teams, groups and organisations

  • For repeat users and cohorts, a report tracking result changes over time.

Coach fully facilitates an advanced suite of LEAP 360° surveys including:

  1. LEAP (Leadership Effectiveness and Aptitude Profile 360° for new, middle and emerging leaders)

  2. LEAP (LEAP for new, middle and emerging education leaders)

  3. LEAP Exec (LEAP for seasoned leaders and executives)

  4. LEAP Ed Exec (LEAP for education executives)

  5. LEAP TAFE Exec and LEAP TAFE NSW Exec (LEAP for TAFE leaders)

  6. LEAP Asia (for leaders and educators in China and for Chinese-speaking clients)

  7. LEAP, LEAP Exec and TAPP for Seventh Day Adventist Schools


Client Testimonials

"I appreciated our session together more than you will know. I continue to coach myself in ‘manner before matter’ and many other pearls of wisdom that you imparted. Just wonderful. Thanks."

After our conversation I gathered my confidence together and applied for the organisation's state-wide leadership program: I would like like more leadership development opportunities.

"I very much enjoyed our discussion and I appreciated you going over time for me as well, it was over and above."

I have really appreciated the chance to have the 360 degree feedback and I've got more thinking to do around some of the points raised, but I value the advice and strategies we discussed this afternoon. Thank you very much!