Class act

Class Act is an interactive online learning and behaviour change tool that equips individuals, teams and whole organisations for high-performance communication practice—and at the same time skills them to master communication challenges with colleagues and clients.

Class Act takes a communication approach to raising performance. It releases staff and organisations from the costs and stresses of counterproductive communication behaviours, and cultivates positive, productive, high-performing communicators.

Class Act operates on the premise that the way we communicate in our organisations is the thing we communicate about least—creating a common workplace awareness and conversation about ‘How we talk’ to colleagues, clients and collaborators. It is also powerful to break cycles of negativity, bullying, harassment and communication breakdown that lower productivity and performance, and increase turnover and HR interventions.

In 2016 the University of Wollongong in collaboration with Beyond Blue released research showing that current approaches to dealing with workplace bullying are failing: focusing on supporting the ‘victim’ and sanctioning the ‘perpetrator’. Their research asserts that the only real solution is organisation-wide cultural transformation—built on communication skilling, conflct resolution and behaviour change: Enter Class Act. No-one in the marketplace offers a product like Class Act—which simultaniously works as a training, awareness-raising and behaviour-change tool, an in-house qualitative and quantitative communication culture survey, and a facilitator of an organisation-wide communication charter.

The Class Act online package includes:

  • Executive briefing (with research and insights for leaders)

  • Class Act online (the central video- and survey-based interactive workforce-wide module)

  • A communication culture survey and subsequent report—compiling participants’ anonymous responses to Class Act participation

  • The Team communication charter—developed using key themes emerging from Class Act participation

  • Enduring workplace tools—e.g. Video Coach access, workplace posters, Class Act conversations pocket card and meeting table commitments.

  • The wrap-up video (delivered with the final communication charter)

Coach facilitates the entire Class Act process for clients, from communication to product deliver.

Coach also provides a range of face-to-face facilitation options tailored to client needs.

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Client Testimonials

"I had no idea how powerful Class Act Conduct would be when we rolled it out late last year. To be honest I thought that Class Act was just going to be a nice bonus. In actual fact it is one of the most important things we’ve ever done for our staff."

This experience has been like an answer to prayer. Thank you.

"Today, our team knows our absolute commitment to best communication practice with each other, our clients and our suppliers. It’s the first conversation we have with candidates in selection and recruitment, it’s a core piece of our induction program, and a present daily guide of our business communication practice."

I found the conversational bully to be a very familiar character and found also that actually providing a description of this character and his/her behaviours immediately affirmed my thoughts and has give me confidence to deal with them next time I come across them.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this amazing program.