Coach programs for Business


The research says...

Managers spend 37% of their day dealing with dysfunctional and unproductive behaviours.
— Roxanne Emmerich, 2014
In a study of 60 business teams, we found that the most successful teams are those in which individuals are the most positive when communicating with one another.

High-performing teams traded a ratio of 5-to-1 positive-to-negative communication signals. Once that ratio drops below 3-to-1, so does team performance.
— Losoda, 2009

360 feedback for leaders

Our Leadership Effectiveness and Aptitude Profile (LEAP) 360° survey suite takes the guesswork out of individual professional development.

Our suite of LEAP 360 survey for business leaders was developed in line with key Australian capability frameworks. Unlike traditional 360s, our LEAP feedback surveys are short, practical and help leaders develop positively by leveraging their strengths.

Our user-friendly online survey platform allows you and your respondents to complete the survey in under 10 minutes. You, as a candidate, will receive a comprehensive feedback report—benchmarked against five years of contemporary leadership performance data—and a practical, one-hour coaching feedback session with one of our coaches. You will find—as so many of our clients do—that years later you’ll still draw on what you learned.

Transforming workforce communication culture

Our clients include the mining, waste, wholesale nursery, recycling, sports and training industries as well as the not-for-profit sector. Around 94% of participants in our staff communication program Class Act Conduct report that they have positively changed their workplace communication practices as a result of participation.

Many of our competitors offer tools to help organisations manage negative workplace behaviours—including harassment and bullying—but only Class Act gives leaders and staff the means to eliminate them from organisational and team culture, and replace them with positive, high-performance communication behaviours.

Leadership coaching programs

Invariably, when our business coaching clients present us with their most pressing challenges, they become conversations about communication. Whether providing feedback, the need for difficult conversation, making decisions, fostering innovation and strategic thinking, building up the team, running meetings, giving presentations or dealing with emails … We draw on the best communication neuroscience to work with them to develop meaningful, lasting solutions.

We design long-term, cyclical and one-off leadership development programs for clients using a mix of 360 feedback, executive coaching and group coaching clinics targeted to development priorities—from emotional intelligence to creating innovation cultures.