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The research says...

In Education, incidences of negative behaviours have been rising steadily since the annual [principal wellbeing] survey first began seven years ago.

When I talk to principals, they tell me they often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about … reliving a difficult conversation they had or thinking about a difficult conversation they have to have with a student, parent or teacher the next day.

More than one third of principals experience bullying at work.
— Riley, 2018
More than 95% of staff in schools have experienced some form of workplace bullying. Prevention is better than a cure and schools need to be developing a bully-free culture. Educating school leaders, working to a framework ….
— Duncan, 2015

360 feedback for leaders

Our Leadership Effectiveness and Aptitude Profile (LEAP) 360° survey suite takes the guesswork out of individual professional development.

Our suite of LEAP 360 survey for business leaders was developed in line with key Australian capability frameworks. Unlike traditional 360s, our LEAP feedback surveys are short, practical and help leaders develop positively by leveraging their strengths.

We provide our 360 surveys into hundreds of schools in the state and independent sectors as well as the TAFE and higher education sectors. We also customise our surveys to meet the specific needs of education system clients. Meanwhile, our sophisticated reporting capabilities offer clients customised data, including mapped present and past results for candidates, and, where required, benchmarked aggregate reports within a candidate group.

  • LEAP 360—for existing and emerging education leaders

  • LEAP 360 Ed Exec—for senior education leaders

  • LEAP 360 TAFE Exec—for VET leaders

  • TAPP 360—Australia’s only 360 feedback survey for teachers

  • TAPP ACE 360—Australia’s only 360 feedback survey for ECEC teacher leaders

Class Act Schools—Students, staff and parents thriving together

Unreasonable pressures and expectations are placed on principals to deal with bullying in schools. We believe it is a responsibility that every member of the school community shares equally. We also know that one of the greatest pressures facing principals and teachers is dealing with difficult communication behaviours from parents and students, and from colleagues.

Research confirms that shrinking bullying amongst students requires a culture-wide approach where all staff, students and parents model and practise respectful, caring behaviour towards each other.

Our newly developed Class Act Schools program invites every member of your school community—students, staff and parents—to participate in an interactive program that empowers them to shape the school’s communication commitments. Much more importantly, it equips them to practise positive communication behaviours and shrink negative behaviours that thwart your students and schools’ progress.

Leadership coaching programs

Invariably, when our business coaching clients present us with their most pressing challenges, they become conversations about communication. Whether providing feedback, the need for difficult conversation, making decisions, fostering innovation and strategic thinking, building up the team, running meetings, giving presentations or dealing with emails … We draw on the best communication neuroscience to work with them to develop meaningful, lasting solutions.

We design long-term, cyclical and one-off leadership development programs for clients using a mix of 360 feedback, executive coaching and group coaching clinics targeted to development priorities—from emotional intelligence to creating innovation cultures.

We also have customised leadership development programs—such as our Legacy Leadership program—to help leaders leverage their strengths across all aspects of their leadership.


Get Review Ready

In 2019 Coach is launching a program specifically designed to help schools get ready for their next school review.

Working closely with the principal, the program includes teacher appraisals, school community engagement initiatives, school culture development and strategic support to help develop leadership and education performance capabilities in identified areas.

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