TAPP 360° is Australia’s only multi-rater 360° feedback survey for teachers—designed to help teachers achieve professional practice against the Professional Standards for Teachers developed by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

Also drawing from AITSL’s Professional Standard for Principals for key leadership indices, TAPP gives schools and teachers a way to place themselves at the forefront of teacher assessment and capability building.

Tested with development experts across the sector, TAPP responds to the sector’s calls to give teachers practical, timely professional development support and foster strong, dynamic school communities.

The survey replaces assumptions and guesswork with evidence—giving teachers the combined insights of peers, staff and supervisors; while accessing unique and rich benchmarking data for teachers. As with the LEAP 360° suite, our focus on advanced communication practice empowers teachers to develop safe and flourishing workplace communication cultures.

Coach fully facilitates:

1.      TAPP (Teacher Assessment and Aptitude Profile 360° for teachers)

2.      TAPP ACE (TAPP Australian Childhood Education for ECEC centre leaders and educators)

Coach's 360° suite is unique in the sector, providing:

  • dedicated responsive support for each candidate
  • a quick and easy survey for respondents to complete (taking only 10 minutes)
  • a sophisticated, secure and efficient survey platform
  • item-sets meaningfully mapped to national leadership standards, with a practical focus
  • an individual feedback session on completion that is packed with empowering, results-focused coaching
  • a clear and comprehensive report presenting results and benchmarked against four years of cumulative leadership data

Coach’s agile 360° survey suite provides a range of advanced customisation survey and reporting features including:

  • customised surveys on demand
  • cohort reports for teams, groups and organisations
  • For repeat users and cohorts, a report tracking result changes over time.

Client Testimonials

"I just wanted to say again how much I appreciated the opportunity to do the 360 survey and the feedback session. While it was daunting at first I had such a rewarding session with Leanne that, like most participants pointed out during the VC, I walked out feeling encouraged to do more.  For the OD team to have selected high calibre consultants, such as Glenys and Leanne, and to take the time to listen to our feedback and for our organisation to invest in this level of training and resources to enable us to develop our leadership potential is a fantastic privilege!"
"Thank you again for yesterday’s session – it was nourishing! I’ve emailed my results and report through to my manager to initiate further discussion."

Thanks so much for your time and feedback. I found the process really valuable and will use your guides as valuable tools to further develop my skills.

I really enjoyed our discussion last week and already have walked out with some actions. I look forward to reading the materials and using the tools provided and catching up with you to discuss the action plan and any progress.