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Merrill Atlas

Director, Coach Corporate

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About Merrill

Merrill’s career spans three continents and many sectors, including corporate, start-up and non-profit. Her expertise and experience ranges from business development to education, finance, health care and community services.

Most recently, for close to a decade, she combined her passion for educational equity with business acumen at Your Tutor, an Australian start-up company that she helped grow nationally. As Education Director for this innovative education technology company, she launched institution-wide initiatives across colleges, vocational schools and universities. She led teams of academics, tech staff, marketing and communication strategists to deliver a multidisciplinary online student support service that connected students anonymously and on-demand to skilled tutors for one-to –one academic help. Her business development activities combined both traditional selling with the ability to tap into government funding initiatives, most notably the launching of a pilot program to assist disadvantaged indigenous children in the Northern Territory, a project involving the engagement of educational leaders, local businesses and community members.

Merrill’s people skills were honed early when she managed a nightclub in her native New York City in the early 90’s. Later, on completion of a Master of Social Work, she managed group homes for disabled adults, training and supervising 19 staff and running two 24/7 programs at the age of 22. In that sector, her greatest achievement was a communication strategy running a series of local town hall meetings prior to the opening of a new facility, thereby garnering community support and engagement.  As an AIDS/HIV Educator, she presented medical information and prevention techniques and facilitated discussions about the social stigma and behavioural issues attached to the spread of the disease, speaking to audiences ranging from doctors to medical practitioners, teachers, parents and teens.

After relocating to Australia in 2000 she worked in advertising sales, retail change management and finance before joining Your Tutor.

Merrill’s ability to negotiate is matched by her social conscience, exemplified by her volunteer work at Changi Prison and a program in an Aboriginal women’s shelter while living and representing Your Tutor in Singapore and Perth respectively.

Now based in Nashville, Merrill has recently completed Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance at the American University in Washington DC and is responsible for launching Coach’s global initiatives in the United States. In her spare time, she assists individuals who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.